Fueling Your Drug or Alcohol Detox With Desert Serenity


Fueling Your Drug or Alcohol Detox With Desert Serenity

Ken Seeley Detox’s Coachella Valley/Palm Springs location makes us an ideal recovery destination for adults of all ages. From its explosive desert sunsets to slow-paced, intentional lifestyles, the California desert is a perfect place to enter medical detox and begin your rehab journey.

Guests of our desert community appreciate the way many Palm Springs’ streets, homes and businesses remain unchanged since the days that stars like Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby and Elvis frequented them. On the flip side, nature lovers are drawn to the desert’s open space, Valley hiking trails and the eco-diversity of nearby mountain ranges.

There are dozens of reasons why clients choose to detox in Palm Springs, but we believe these five are some of the best. Ready to begin your detox journey? Call 855.279.7452 or connect confidentially online today!

Five Top Benefits of Palm Springs Detox Services

I love the desert and its incomparable sense of space.

-Robyn Davidson, Australian writer

  • Painted skies and desert sunsets. There’s nothing like watching the sun fade over the desert, and Coachella Valley skies are one of Mother Nature’s favorite canvases. With bold, striking palettes of crimson, orange, yellow and purple, the sunsets seen from Ken Seeley Detox are out of this world. Early risers can also catch an amazing daily sunrise and peaceful opportunity to exercise before the heat arrives. Morning is also a beautiful time to sit quietly, consider your healing journey and engage in contemplative journaling or connect with your Higher Power.
  • Rejuvenating sunshine. For most of us who make our home in the Palm Springs area, there’s no such thing as vitamin D deficiency. At Ken Seeley Detox, clients enjoy year-round sunshine that naturally boosts mood, helps cleanse the body from addictive chemicals and encourages outdoor activity. Together, exercise and sunlight produce endorphins that help the body cope with the discomfort and stress of chemical withdrawal.
  • Invigorating activity. While you may not feel like engaging in high-intensity exercise during early detox, even a short walk or a 10-minute, moderate-level workout can reduce cravings and help manage withdrawal symptoms. The California desert is a beautiful place to walk, jog, bike, hike, rock climb and swim. Ask your clinical team what types of exercise are best for you during this fragile first stage of recovery. The answer will depend on your overall fitness level as well as your body’s unique response to detox and withdrawal.
  • Natural Wonders. The Palm Springs region is known for its many natural wonders, which draw celebrities and tourists from around the world. Guests at Ken Seeley Detox are close to stunning natural works of art like Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve, Joshua Tree National Park, Tahquitz Canyon and Mount San Jacinto State Park. Coachella Valley adventures await you!
  • Cultural diversity. At Ken Seeley Detox, we celebrate the diversity that comes with living in the Palm Springs area. Our clients come from all walks of life and have the opportunity to connect with men and women from local Native American and Latino communities as well as ethnic and culturally diverse guests from across the U.S.—and around the globe. Engaging in relationships and sharing stories is essential to the pursuit of recovery, and Ken Seeley Detox encourages guests to build healthy, sober networks throughout the detox and rehab process.

Palm Springs’ Choice for Medical Detox: Begin Recovery at Our Desert Paradise

Welcome to our safe, supportive desert community, where men and women come from around the United States and the world to begin their recovery transformation. Tour our desert detox center online or request insurance verification at 866.888.4911. Renowned for his regular contributions to CNN, MSNBC, NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS as well as other media outlets, founder Ken Seeley is a go-to addiction treatment and intervention expert trusted by millions.

Ken Seeley Detox is staffed by a seasoned team of addiction professionals, many of whom are in recovery, themselves. Whether you’re recovering from methamphetamines, alcohol, opioids, marijuana, cocaine or other chemicals, we will help you withdraw comfortably, nourish your body during detox and lay a solid foundation for sobriety. Our Palm Springs-area medical detox programs are customized to your individual needs and are accessible and affordable for self-pay clients or those covered by most major insurance providers. Beds are currently available, and your comfort and recovery is our priority.

To learn more about Ken Seeley’s Coachella Valley medical detox for alcohol, benzodiazepines, opiates, heroin and other drugs. Call us 24/7: 866.888.4911.

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