Benefits of a Sober Living Community

sober living community

Benefits of a Sober Living Community

For many recovering addicts, the process of completing substance abuse and addiction can be challenging. The disease of addiction can create intense feelings of isolation, leading to damaged relationships with friends and family. Rebuilding these relationships and fostering new ones is an essential skill for a person in recovery from substance abuse or addiction to learn and practice.

After completing an addiction treatment program, there are several follow-up options available. One path that has proven successful for many is for an individual to move into a sober living facility, where all residents are actively in recovery for substance abuse or addiction.

Here are some of the many exciting advantages of choosing to move into a sober living community.

1. You’ll have a stable living environment. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, destructive surroundings can be a significant obstacle to recovery, even for highly motivated individuals. A sober living community provides that much-needed structure and accountability recovering addicts require to stay on the right track with their goals.

2. You won’t have to return to the “real world” immediately. A sober living community gives residents the opportunity to reintegrate into society alongside peers who are also learning to navigate the challenges of a drug-free lifestyle. The ultimate goal of sober living facilities is to provide the support you need while you transition back into full independence.

3. You will re-learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships. Reliance on peer support with methods such as group therapy, recreational activities and attending 12-step meetings becomes an integral part of substance abuse and addiction treatment. As such, it will teach you how to sustain supportive relationships with others.

4. You will be able to plan for your future. A sober living community will provide you with many resources to plan your life for a future beyond recovery. Through services such as relapse prevention, life skills training and nutrition and fitness counseling, you will gain the tools you need to prepare for the road ahead after you leave the sober living facility.

5. You will have a built-in peer group. Entering a new phase in your life can feel intimidating. Though the idea of meeting and living with an entirely new group of people may seem daunting at first, it’s important to realize these people are going through many of the same challenges you are facing. It will be a source of strength to know you aren’t in this alone. Entering a sober living community gives you the advantage of being surrounded by others who are focused on the same goals of regaining their health and rebuilding their lives.

6. You will learn more about yourself. During your time in a sober living community, you can further explore potential relapse triggers that may cause relapse, discover new and exciting hobbies and make tangible progress on rediscovering who you are inside. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover who you truly are at your core. Practicing mindfulness and trying new things will help you re-commit to starting over as you remain focused on your goal of maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

7. You will reinforce the skills you learned in treatment. Your sober living community will help you make self-care and other methods for preserving your sobriety seem like second nature. You will also learn to embrace a positive attitude that can help you stay optimistic and avoid the risk of relapse. You will learn to fully appreciate life and wellness, instead of merely healing the physical consequences of long-term substance misuse.

Sober Living Is a Gift

Your time in a sober living community should be a fruitful period of self-reflection and learning what truly excites and inspires you. Take advantage of this opportunity to fully engage and invest in your healing process.

At Ken Seeley Detox, we make it possible for our clients to live a long, happy and fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol. We provide all clients with a five-year case management strategy for getting and staying sober, and our wide-ranging treatment programs address the full spectrum of recovery. If you need help for yourself or someone close to you, contact us today.

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