Confronting Your Fears About Recovery

Confronting your fears about recovery

Confronting Your Fears About Recovery

Fear is one of the most common human emotions, but just because it’s perfectly natural, that doesn’t mean you should let it take control. Unfortunately, many people who need help to get past a dangerous drug or alcohol addiction avoid seeking treatment because they are afraid. Some people are scared of the stigma of addiction, while others are afraid their treatment will rob them of the pleasures of life. Here’s how to overcome the most common fears about recovery.

1. Fear of Withdrawal

Most people who have become physically dependent on a drug are well aware of what happens when they try to detoxify – nausea, vomiting, shaking and muscle aches are all common. While it’s true withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, medically supervised detox can make the process as safe and comfortable as possible, while professional drug and alcohol specialists monitor your progress and vital signs. After completing your detoxification, you will then be ready to move into the next phase of your recovery process, which is active treatment.

2. Fear of Change

Addiction is all about habits. Ridding yourself of these old, comforting behaviors can make you feel lost and alone, with no safety net to catch you. Learning to face the world without the crutch of your addiction and forming healthy new habits is scary, and is one of the biggest barriers to seeking help for many addicts. However, it’s crucial to realize what you will get in return is so much more rewarding than using drugs.

3. Fear of Facing the People You Hurt

As part of your recovery process, you will face a variety of emotional challenges, including apologizing to anyone you hurt along the way. Addiction leads to impulsive decisions and questionable behavior. While you were actively using, it was much easier to ignore the pileup of emotional baggage you were constantly adding to. Part of the recovery process includes letting go of this baggage and committing to a fresh new start. Imagine how much better you will feel when you can shape the life you’ve always wanted.

4. Fear of Your Emotions

Using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism means numbing your feelings. Anytime anxieties, trauma or stress reared their ugly heads in your life, you swept them under the rug by getting high or drunk. When you stop using, these feelings will rush back in, and it can often feel overwhelming. The good news is that when you are in treatment, you will have access to therapy and counseling that can teach you how to manage your feelings constructively, without relapsing or otherwise compromising all the progress you’ve made in your recovery journey.

Don’t Let the Fear Win

You can overcome your fears and recover from your addiction, but you won’t be able to go it alone. Along the way, you’ll need to rely on the support of other recovering addicts and a strong addiction treatment program that addresses the full spectrum of drug and alcohol misuse issues. If you are ready to get the help you need to recover, contact us today to learn more about our qualified Palm Beach detox and rehab facilities.

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