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At Ken Seeley Communities, our experienced addiction treatment team has developed our alcohol detox program as the first stage of beginning the recovery process.

We understand the detoxification process can be challenging. That’s why our medical doctors, counselors, therapists and support staff provide 24-hour monitoring and attention to all our clients. Our approach minimizes the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and promotes the first steps of rehabilitation in a safe and medically supervised environment.

Why Choose Medical Detox?

Many people who have become dependent on alcohol initially believe they can go it alone. They may try to gradually wean themselves off alcohol, or even attempt to quit cold turkey. Unfortunately, unpleasant withdrawal symptoms – including headaches, shaking hands, nausea, mood swings, sweating, anxiety, seizures and insomnia – almost always make this approach unsuccessful.

Because long-term alcohol misuse fundamentally affects brain chemistry, people who have developed a substance abuse issue often cannot walk away from drinking without getting professional help. Ken Seeley Communities offers a medically supervised alcohol detox program in Palm Springs, California. Not only can our approach to detox help you cleanse your body of alcohol, it can ease the hardship of withdrawal symptoms in a clinical environment under constant supervision.

How Medical Detox Helps With Long-Term Recovery

Medical detox provides a strong foundation for long-term success in recovery because it is a proven approach to helping clients get clean and start their sobriety journey off on the right foot.

Our experienced detox professionals can manage withdrawal symptoms and help stabilize clients to prepare them to transition into the next phases of the recovery process. If necessary, we may administer prescription medications to control cravings, minimize the effects of withdrawal and help our clients step down gradually from their substance dependency.

Medical Detox for Alcohol Abuse

At Ken Seeley Communities, we give each client the tools they need to detoxify in a safe environment and eventually rebuild their lives as independent, functioning members of society by progressing through more advanced levels of alcohol rehabilitation.

As an accredited and licensed substance addiction and dual diagnosis rehab program in Palm Springs, California, we are here to help provide lifesaving treatment for those who need to make a fresh start from alcohol abuse. Contact our admissions specialists today at (866) 888-4911.

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