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Detoxification is often the first and most crucial stage of recovery for people who have developed a long-term addiction to drugs or alcohol. Supervised detox helps people manage unpleasant or painful withdrawal symptoms while their system eradicates the substances they’ve been using, and minimizes the chances of a relapse into unhealthy habits. Our approach to detox includes a full-time team of health care professionals to monitor each client around the clock as their bodies become free from harmful chemicals and they prepare to advance through the future steps on their path to lifelong sobriety.

Tailored Detox Treatment

At our tranquil, distraction-free facilities in Palm Springs, California, Ken Seeley Detox provides individualized,substance-specific medical and inpatient detox, including alcohol, opiates, methamphetamines and benzodiazepines. We accept new clients from all over the United States, and we can work with almost all major insurance providers.

We understand it can be challenging for people to stop using drugs or alcohol without assistance and encouragement from medical professionals. That’s why our goal is to provide the support and high level of physical and mental care necessary to help all our substance-dependent clients detoxify safely and comfortably. Our team works with clients individually to ensure they are stable and fully prepared to move smoothly into the next stage of rehabilitation once they have completed detox.

It’s not too late to make a fresh start in life and rediscover the benefits of becoming a healthy, high-functioning member of society. Call our admissions team at 866-888-4911 to learn more about seeking treatment with Ken Seeley Detox.

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