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Case Management


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Case Management

At Ken Seeley Communities, we focus on helping each client find their unique path to recovery, and we understand there are many ways to attain that goal. Our client-centered approach means we put the needs of our clients first when planning a successful strategy for getting – and staying – sober.

Each Ken Seeley Communities client works with a dedicated case manager who is their partner and guide throughout their recovery journey. The case manager’s responsibility is to use the client-centered approach to coordinate care and help the client maintain their focus on making sure their recovery remains on track.

The Role of the Case Manager

The initial phases of entering an addiction recovery program can be a stressful and challenging time. Case managers help smooth the path for clients and their families as they manage all aspects of the process and ensure clients get the help they need, when they need it.

In working one-on-one with clients, case managers develop a thorough understanding of their needs and strengths at the personal level. They serve as allies, supporters and role models at every step of the way by performing the following duties:

  • Being the primary point of contact for a client’s loved ones
  • Collaborating with the other members of the recovery team to ensure each client is getting the best combination of therapies and programs to meet their addiction recovery needs
  • Creating an aftercare strategy

Successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction isn’t something the addict can accomplish alone. At Ken Seeley Communities, we make sure our clients have the support they need at each phase of the process until they have amassed the knowledge and tools to navigate it independently.

A Practical Post-Treatment Plan

Eventually, clients will transition out of the care of Ken Seeley Communities back into the real world, which can be difficult. Case managers equip clients to meet this challenge confidently by helping them achieve goals such as rejoining the workforce, managing their finances and finding a safe place to live.

Every client comes to us with different needs and concerns. That’s why our case managers work to provide clients and their families with greater peace of mind that comes with knowing there is someone to offer them guidance and expertise throughout the recovery process.

Always on Your Side

Recovery is your way to regain ownership of your life and end your struggles with chemical dependency. At Ken Seeley Communities, our experienced case managers make drug and alcohol rehabilitation a reality for men and women who need the lifesaving help we provide. Call us at 866-888-4911 and let us help you find your path to wellness.

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