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Sober Companion

At the Recovery Community we understand how difficult it is to make the transition from treatment back to home. It is not important whether or not this is the first time in treatment; going back to an old environment where addiction was present is difficult every time.

A sober companion is one of the many ways a continuum of care can work for a client and family. We want to ensure that returning from treatment can be a positive experience and not one that leads back to relapse. In newly sober individuals, research shows that the first 72 hours are the most dangerous and prone to relapse. After that, the first few months are riddled with desires to relapse, confusion, uncertainty, insecurity and doubt, but a sober companion can help lessen all of these things.

Once the initial treatment program has been completed, we will work with you and your loved one to make sure that he/she gets home safe. Working closely with the discharge planner at the treatment center, the Recovery Community finds a sober companion that the individual can relate to and we work to identify what is going to motivate this person to stay sober.

The Goal of a Sober Companion

The sober companion’s primary goal is to help keep the individual sober and in recovery by creating a healthy, accountable daily routine. We believe that there is hope and in many cases choosing an intensive course of aftercare is an aggressive, but necessary course of action. The sober companion offers a very individualized process that we can use to move, enhance and strengthen the recovery process. There is hope in recovery.

Treatment Referral

The Recovery Community strongly encourages individuals and families to consider several treatment options prior to you or your loved one to treatment. We are not a provider of inpatient treatment; however we feel that access to appropriate treatment is important to someone that needs it.

Three key factors for finding the right treatment process are:


We do not receive any payment for leads from any treatment centers. Our professional treatment referrals are based on the best interest of each individual client. In general, we suggest a 90-day minimum and work with the treatment center to make sure they have the best possible information about the client. Our recommendations are to treatment facilities that are intervention friendly and family friendly. Properly treating addiction relies on a strong family/loved ones support system that can be enhances by excellent addiction treatment. We have years of experience working with treatment centers worldwide; we invite you to use that to your benefit to find the right treatment center for your needs.