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Comfortable Medical Detox

Long-term chemical dependency destroys both physical and mental health. Supervised detoxification is a critical first step toward freeing the body from drugs and alcohol and achieving lasting sobriety.

At Ken Seeley Communities, we recommend clients go through medical detox to ensure they are stable before beginning treatment. Many people mistakenly assume it is better or safer to try to complete this stage at home, but withdrawal symptoms make at-home detox highly risky. Instead, detoxifying in the safe environment of a qualified medical facility can help manage these symptoms, maintain well-being and relieve a client’s discomfort.

Cutting-Edge Detox Treatment

At Ken Seeley Communities, we provide the comfort, privacy and personalized attention our clients need to successfully undergo the detoxification process. Our well-appointed Palm Springs treatment facility is an ideal place to begin your recovery through medical detox.

Detoxing in an environment that puts clients’ safety first is the key to success. Our highly trained team of medical professionals can help manage the most severe physical withdrawal symptoms, while providing clients with the emotional support they need along the way. In this way, we remove any distractions and help clients focus on the goal of achieving lifelong sobriety.

A Personal Level of Care

At our accredited facility, our experienced medical staff has the necessary training for helping clients detoxify safely and comfortably from drugs and alcohol. And, because we understand no two clients are the same, we provide all our clients with a tailored treatment plan to address individual concerns and ensure each client can succeed in their detoxification and eventual recovery.

Once clients have completed detoxification to become medically stable, our professional client-focused case managers will help prepare a holistic treatment plan that includes options such as addiction education, medication management, group meetings and both traditional and alternative therapies.

If you are looking for a continuum of addiction care that meets your needs, contact our caring admissions team at 866-888-4911 to discuss the possibilities. It’s never too late to get help to make a fresh start in life.

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