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Family Addiction Therapy

The problems of addiction don’t begin and end with the addicted person. They have a ripple effect that eventually takes a toll on every aspect of a drug or alcohol user’s life, including their relationships with their family members. Repairing an eroded family dynamic takes time, but is an essential component of the recovery process.

At Ken Seeley Communities, our qualified therapists have designed our family therapy program to provide family members with a deep appreciation for the challenges their loved one is experiencing due to their substance addiction disorder. We reopen the lines of communication among family members by providing an environment where everyone feels free to speak up honestly, without feelings of guilt or resentment getting in the way.

Our family therapists will provide guidance that allows family members to:

  • Understand the nature of addiction as a chronic disease
  • Be supportive without being enabling
  • Rebuild relationships
  • Discuss difficult topics in a way that remains constructive
  • Resolve conflict
  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms

Addiction Is a Family Disease

Because of the nature of addiction, it leads to dysfunctional relationships and a loss of trust among family members. When one family member develops an addiction, the toxicity eventually spills over, disrupting the family dynamic and causing the rest of the family to live with increased levels of stress that can take a toll on their mental and physical health.

Families tend to cope with addiction in unhealthy ways, such as by living in denial about the extent of the problem or by covering for their loved one’s behavior. Eventually, their lives may come to revolve around the addiction, whether it’s the source of frequent arguments or it’s a situation everyone tries to tiptoe around.

Codependency and enabling behaviors are common among families living with addiction. Often, these types of behaviors can give rise to the addiction in the first place, as well as make recovery more challenging for both the addicted loved one and the family members.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy has many benefits in addiction treatment. The therapeutic setting provides a safe space for everyone to learn how to work through sensitive issues as they adjust to a loved one’s recovery from addiction and mental illness. During family therapy, the therapist will focus on helping family members make specific, positive changes in their relationships.

Because families serve as built-in support networks, they can be invaluable for someone who is seeking the motivation and balance necessary to succeed in drug and alcohol recovery. When the entire family gets involved in treatment, they can not only improve their understanding of what their loved one is going through, but can also learn how to be more helpful along the way.

Helping Your Family Heal

Getting involved in a loved one’s recovery improves the chances of long-term success while improving relationships and family members’ mental health. Learn more about what Ken Seeley Communities can do for your family by reaching out to us today.

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