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Detox for Opiates & Heroin

Opiates are some of the most highly addictive drugs available today. Because doctors frequently prescribe them for medically necessary reasons, such as to ease pain after surgery, they are also readily available – which is a dangerous combination.

Opiates and heroin work by flooding the body and brain with natural painkillers called endorphins, which produce intense feelings of euphoria. When this high wears off, some people find themselves taking more and more of the drugs to achieve their desired results, thus beginning a cycle of addiction that’s difficult to break without help from medical professionals.

What Makes It so Difficult to Stop Using Opiates on Your Own?

If an opiate addict suddenly quits taking the drugs they have been become dependent upon, it triggers the onset of withdrawal symptoms, which can be intense and may include joint and muscle pain, anxiety, suicidal ideas, depression, restlessness and difficulty sleeping.

These withdrawal symptoms not only put the opiate user’s health at risk, but also make it more likely that people who have developed an opiate dependency will continue to use their drug of choice to avoid experiencing withdrawal. That’s why it’s essential to seek professional help from a qualified opiate detox center like Ken Seeley Detox.

Medical Detox for Opiate Addicts

Medical detoxification is the safest and most comfortable option for opiate addicts to begin their recovery process because it provides clients with 24-hour monitoring and intervention from an experienced team of health professionals. If withdrawal symptoms arise, our trained medical team can take the best course of action.

By ridding the body of drugs and chemicals, detox helps lay the groundwork for progressive stages of recovery, improving your odds of achieving your goal of long-term sobriety and healthy living.

Find the Life-Changing Treatment You Need

When you choose to undergo your opioid or heroin detoxification process in a safe and accredited facility such as Ken Seeley Detox, you will give yourself the best chance of realizing lifelong sobriety. Call (866) 888-4911 to reach our admission specialists.

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