jasmin rogg

Jasmine Rogg, LMFT

Lead Therapist

Jasmin Rogg is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Jasmin is in private practice in Beverly Hills and facilitates recovery groups at various chemical recovery treatment centers in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, such as Promises, Sovereign Health, Chabad, Exodus (at Brotman’s Hospital), Pasadena Recovery Center, Casa de Las Amigas, Della Martin Center (at Huntington Memorial Hospital), Boulevard, Ken Seeley Communities, and also several sober living houses.

Jasmin Rogg is the author of:
“TO HELL & BACK, How to Have Feelings & Stay Sober at the Same Time” (book)
“WAKING UP SOBER … and walking the path” (book)
“ICH HÖR JETZT AUF“ (German version)
“THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT” (set of 50 worksheets)